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Frugalware news list

grub2 2.00 merge2012-09-10ryuo
systemd 188 merge2012-08-31ryuo
Frugalware 1.7 (Gaia) released2012-08-19ryuo
Frugalware 1.7rc2 (Gaia) released2012-08-05ryuo
Frugalware 1.7rc1 (Gaia) released2012-07-22ryuo
Le Plan Seldon numéro #42012-06-30Devil505
Frugalware 1.7pre2 (Gaia) released2012-06-03ryuo
Le Plan Seldon #32012-04-29Devil505
Frugalware 1.7pre1 (Gaia) released2012-04-08ryuo
The Seldon Plan #22012-04-01Devil505
powerpc (ppc) arch powering down2012-03-18ryuo
The Seldon Plan #12012-03-11Devil505
GRUB2 upgrade in current2012-03-03ryuo
systemd in current2012-02-19ryuo
Frugalware 1.6 (Fermus) released2012-02-12ryuo
Frugalware 1.6rc2 (Fermus) released2012-01-29ryuo
Review of 20112012-01-17phayz
Frugalware 1.6rc1 (Fermus) released2012-01-15ryuo
Frugalware Christmas gift2011-12-24Devil505
Frugalware 1.6pre2 (Fermus) released2011-12-19Devil505
Live CD need testers!2011-12-07Devil505
New bug tracker system!2011-10-22Devil505
Frugalware 1.6pre1 (Fermus) released2011-10-10Miklos Vajna
Frugalware Newsletter Issue 822011-10-04phayz
Kernel upgrades and you2011-09-19James Buren