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Frugalware news list

Important server in the Frugalware infrastructure was compromised2011-09-14Miklos Vajna
Frugalware 1.5 (Mores) released2011-08-15Miklos Vajna
Frugalware Newsletter Issue 812011-08-06phayz
Frugalware 1.5rc2 (Mores) released2011-08-01Miklos Vajna
Frugalware 1.5rc1 (Mores) released2011-07-15Miklos Vajna
Pacman-g2 upgrade2011-07-06Devil505
Frugalware Newsletter Issue 802011-07-02phayz
Frugalware 1.5pre2 (Mores) released2011-06-20Miklos Vajna
Frugalware Newsletter Issue 792011-05-15phayz
Frugalware Newsletter Issue 782011-04-19phayz
Frugalware 1.5pre1 (Mores) released2011-04-18Miklos Vajna
GNOME 3 now available!2011-04-09Devil505
Frugalware Newsletter Issue 772011-03-24phayz
The Wiki needs you!2011-03-16Devil505
Frugalware Newsletter Issue 762011-02-28phayz
Systemd now used by default2011-02-23Devil505
Haven: End of life2011-02-19Miklos Vajna
Frugalware 1.4 (Nexon) released2011-02-13Miklos Vajna
Parli italiano?2011-02-12Devil505
¿Habla usted español?2011-02-10phayz
Frugalware Newsletter Issue 752011-02-01phayz
Frugalware 1.4rc2 (Nexon) released2011-01-28Miklos Vajna
Frugalware 1.4rc1 (Nexon) released2011-01-10Miklos Vajna
Happy New Year!2011-01-01phayz
Merry Christmas2010-12-22phayz